The Sport and Cultural Club


Sport and Cultural Club of the French Lycee in Prague is a Czech non-profit association.

It is managed by a Committee of 4 volunteers, who are elected in a Board Meeting for a one year mandate and one salary.

The club regroups each year more than 200 family members.

Sport and Cultural Club’s tasks 

  • more than 50 different activities, from Monday to Saturday, from 3 to 16 years old (more information in the heading “Activities”)
    • daycare, leisure and games, homework assistance
    • linguistic activities : english fun
    • artistic activities : art class, comics, art-culture, architect, Christophe Colombo workshops, sewing workshop, jewelry workshop
    • musical activities : percussions, guitar, music discovery, musical comedy
    • dance : pre-ballet, ballet, zumba
    • circus art
    • theater 
    • animals discovery
    • sport activities : soccer, judo, mini-tennis, rhythmic gymnastic, capoeira
    • scientific activities : sciences discovery, botanic, gardening
    • cooking
    • building activities : Bricks4kids, kappa
    • chess
    • photo workshop


  • organizes events throughout the school year : Christmas concert, Talent show, Candlemas, School Fair, “The Arts and Stage day”, soccer tournament


  • makes the LFP Yearbook, a photo album with all the major events of the school year and photo classes


  • participates and supports pupils and teachers actions : running race Franco-Foulées, Prom,…


  • invest on equipment for LFP students : school supplies, sport equipment, books, etc….


  • offers support to families with difficulties via the LFP Solidarity Fund.