The Parents/CSC guidelines for a correct functioning

Membership Registration

Membership fee is 400 CZK per family and school year. Membership gives the right to apply to the activities and services offered by the CSC.

The registration to the activities is only possible upon the payment of the Membership fee.


A child can only start the CSC activities when the Membership Registration Fee is paid.
Cancellations and refunds are only permitted when the family is moving abroad the Czech Republic or for medical reasons, accredited by a medical certificate.


The Primary School Director, the School Administration department and the teachers have the list of children registered to the activities. It is requested to act with propriety, to attend the activities, and to respectfully follow the internal rules of the school. Otherwise, the child can be refused for the activity without refund. The CSC is available to answer any questions you may have concerning the organisation of the activities.

Absence policy

There are two case scenarios :

  • If the child is going to miss the regular school day and the CSC activity: the parent must inform the CSC via telephone or SMS to 722 785 069.
  • If the child will only be absent at the CSC activity, the parent must contact the school administration LFP (222 550 001 to alert that your child should not be sent to the CSC activity) and the CSC as well (via SMS or telephone 722 785 069). 

The CSC will only be in charge of the children given by the LFP or by the parent/tutor to the CSC members. The CSC cannot be considered responsible of any child who, for any circumstances, will miss the activity.

Cancellation policy

If one activity is planned to be cancelled, the CCS will prevent the parents by mail. The CCS will always take children in charge if the parents are unable to pick them up after school. They will be transfered in other activity.

End of activities

At the end of the activities, elementary School children will be conducted by the CSC lecturer to the blue door near guardians. Children from preschool will always be picked up at the corridor of the preschool building (ground floor).
If your child is going to be picked up by an authorised person, please notify in advance the CSC. The children will only be able to leave by his/her own if the parent/tutor signs an authorisation.
The parents/tutors are requested to be on time. After a delay of 10 minutes, the child will be transferred to the LFP Secretary. Such a delay will have a fee of 450 CZK. The payment is due from the next day. If you fail to pay, the child can be refused to the activity.
From the end of the activity, children are not under the responsibility of the CSC.
According to the LFP regulation, parents are not allowed to stay inside the school facilities during the activities.


CSC Lecturers are able to take the first actions in case of accident. In order to be able to take these actions, please send an authorisation to the CSC.