2019-2020 prices 

CCS membership fee (allows to register for activities)

  • 400 czk for the year


Price for September 2019 activities (from 9th to 27th)

  • 600 for one hour per week

Prices of the daycare (30 sept-30 June)

  • 4000 czk per year for one hour per week

Prices of activities (30 sept -30 June)

  • 4800 czk per year for one hour per week
  • 5800 czk per year for one hour and a half per week

Prices of “one-shot activities”

It is possible to enroll a child in an exceptional way to daycare (preschool), homework assistance  or leisure games (primary). You can do it directly on the site.


  • 300 czk per hour, to be paid by transfert the day of the activity


In case of delay of 15 minutes or more, you will be charged 400 czk, to pay immediately.

If you register during the year, the cost of the activity will be calculated prorata temporis.

Unsubscribe from an activity can not be reimbursed except in the following cases : the child leaves the LFP or presents a medical certificate declaring him unfit to activity.